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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Welcome to the blog!!

My hope and goal for CPF is to provide tips, tools and tricks to help you get over the planning hump!!

Blogs will be updated weekly and feature a variety of topics from how to choose different vendors to how to select your color palette.

For the first blog, I'm taking it back to when I wrote for a website. Take a look below at the question of the importance of videographers and tell me what you think!

I took to various Facebook groups that I am a member of and asked “If you had the ability to ask a planner anything about your wedding, what would you ask?”

I got a variety of responses this one intrigued me the most: Why is it important to hire a videographer? (Submitted by J. Klann)

I believe that most engaged couples focus solely on choosing a great photographer, which they should! However, I absolutely believe that it is imperative to have a great photographer. Let’s face it—you can plan the perfect wedding day but what you won’t be able to do is watch your vision come to life. A quality videographer will be able to encapsulate your day in a video montage that you will be able to show family and friends for years to come. Quality videography services can enhance your post ceremony memories.

When researching a videographer, make sure that you see multiple samples of their work. Ask for verifiable references. Check public reviews (Yelp!, Facebook, BBB, Google). Please always keep in mind that reviews are subjective but what you’re looking for are common themes—do reviews seem to echo the same issues/problems? Or are these “one off” events—Things that go beyond the videographers control?

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