Where's a good venue when you need one?

It's 2021. Time to start planning all those postponed celebrations from last year. You have a vision (and budget) in tmind and everywhere you've called--booked! What do you do now? How can you celebrate your special day if you have nowhere to celebrate it? The issue isn't a view but a vibe. That is something that can easily be achieved with the proper design and decor to fit your theme. Want something off the water? Let's look into light and bright spaces that allow for us to bathe the venue in light blues and whites....let's consider piping in soft ocean sounds (there are literally water sound playlists on the internet that play for over 11 hours). Want a beach theme? Let's bring in lots of taupes and a small space where you can bring in a kiddie pool and fill it with playground sand.....or create stunning centerpieces that feature sand, stones and shells. Our only limit is our creativity.

Don't think that your dream is lost because your perfect venue isn't available. Oftentimes, we can transform a space into WHATEVER we want by thinking of these unconventional locations too: community/rec centers; church banquet facilities; parks; AirBNB's; Small Boutique locations such as salons, shops and restaurants....the list is endless. If you are concerned about your ability to work with these venues, it's time to consider hiring a planner to assist you. Planners may have consultation packages where they help you with the difficulties you're facing. Note: Most planners offer some level of consultation but you may have to sign a non-compete clause.

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts to your Venue Search: DO use Google and Yelp for reviews/pictures: You can often find a good balance of reviews/pictures of a location on Google.

Do NOT go solely based off a venue's social media: The fact is that every business wants to look amazing. Oftentimes, we search social media for feedback and we will visit a venue's page and see glowing reviews. You may need to search the hashtag for that venue to see if they maybe have had some not so great reviews from actual patrons.

DO consider the availability of your venue when choosing a date: Do you want an outdoor wedding during a holiday weekend? Remember that not only are other couples looking for venues--so are corporations. Holiday Parties and Holiday Weddings are often in secret competition with each other. Choose your venue based off of their peak times of usage (found usually on Google).

Do NOT venue search up: What this means is that we fall in love with a venue, hear the price tag and want the venue SO BAD, we shortchange every other aspect of our wedding. Trust me, you can still make a great impact with a different venue and boosted decor.

DO ask for personal referrals. Our family and friends have attended events before. Ask those you trust for suggestions however.....

Do NOT base your final decision on what "they" make think. Ultimately, it's YOUR day and more importantly, YOUR money!!

I hope this quick pep talk allows you to be able to re-consider that venue that made your heart melt, even if it wasn't EXACTLY what you envisioned.

Happy Planning!!

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