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Updated: Nov 15

Words Matter…….

By Jennifer Troy

Glorious Galas

Knowledge is power and today I’d like to take a moment to discuss how to use proper terminology when discussing an event with your planner. It’s super easy to lump words together because meanings are similar—however some of these words have different meanings when talking to a professional. I’m here to equip you with some knowledge so that YOU know what you’re asking for!

Wedding Planner—A wedding planner is someone who PLANS the details concerning your day. They assist with researching and securing vendors, payment tracking, venue research and recommendations and creating the timeline of events for your day. Your wedding planner CAN serve as your coordinator but those are two distinct roles. Which leads us to….

Wedding Coordinator—A wedding coordinator is the person who executes your day. Oftentimes, wedding planner and wedding coordinator are used interchangeably because their roles run parallel. The coordinator is only responsible for making sure the event is executed based on the timeline created by your planner. Again, wedding planner and wedding coordinator are often used interchangeably because the roles can overlap. Many times, your planner will also act in the capacity of your planner.

Wedding Designer—A wedding designer is commonly known as your decorator. They are responsible for creating/designing the theme of your wedding. They provide the décor items that are necessary to achieve the visuals of your wedding.

Wedding Decorator—Similar to the wedding designer, the decorator is the person that is responsible for the physical layout of your wedding. They typically work in a team and provide the manual labor for the design portion of your day.

Now that you have these definitions, how do you apply this information? Well, it depends on your input into your day. Are you a DIY bride who is handling the planning of your wedding (sourcing/securing vendors, creating timeline, etc.)? Then what you are likely looking for is a coordinator. Someone to make sure that what you have planned goes accordingly.

Are you a bride who is providing all the décor elements and you just need someone to make sure that everything is set up and displayed as you desire? Then what you are likely looking for is a decorator. Someone who can handle the logistics of setting up your wedding.

Are you a bride who has NO idea where to start and need someone to walk you through your entire wedding day process? You are definitely looking for a planner. You need guidance and want someone with experience to handle these items.

Now that you know the definitions and have been given examples, what bride are you? Do you want to plan everything yourself or are you ready to hand the reigns off to an experienced planner?

No matter your need, Glorious Galas has a package tailored to you! Don’t let your wedding day get the best of you!! Schedule your complimentary consultation by calling 313-515-2166 or send us an email at

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