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  • What is the difference between an Event Management Contract and a Planning Contract?
    Good question. Event Management is the proper term for a “Day of Coordinator”. There is no such thing as a “Day Of Coordinator” in the event industry; the word theorizes that someone can walk into your event the day of and run it and unfortunately that’s just not true. Proper Event Management begins 6-8 weeks before and does NOT include any actual planning. It is the execution of plans created by yourself and your planner. A Planning Contract means that I walk with you as we plan various details of your wedding. I provide you with professional recommendations and assist in bringing your vision to reality. The depth of our time together depends upon your needs and your budget.
  • Can you be both the planner and the coordinator?
    Short answer? Absolutely. However be mindful that those are two different contracts and have two separate levels of compensation. For celebrants who desire both services, a 15% discount is offered on the Event Management portion.
  • Can you be the planner, coordinator and decorator?"
    Short answer? Yes. However, due to the nature of each role, donning all three hats requires additional staffing. That will create an increase in your overall budget. We work hard to ensure that we provide quality service while keeping your budget in mind. This request would create the need for a custom priced package that can be discussed upon remittance of your retainer.
  • What is a retainer fee?
    A retainer fee is the guarantee of payment for services to be rendered. This retainer removes that calendar dates availability for any potential clients. The retainer fee is the equivalent to 20% of your total package price (unless an alternate retainer has been previously discussed and agreed upon). Retainer fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • How much does a wedding cost?
    2020 wedding costs were estimated to be close to $30,000 in the United States, according to Wedding Wire. That doesn’t mean that YOUR wedding will be that amount but that is the national average. There are some things to consider when talking about wedding costs; venue, attire, menu, and guest count all play huge factors in your final wedding budget estimate. In the state of Michigan, the average cost for a wedding is close to $21,000. Again, consider the factors previously mentioned when considering your budget.
  • Can I use my own vendors?
    For Event Management and Planning Contracts, you are more than welcome to use any vendor of your choosing. Please ensure that the vendors are appropriately educated, licensed and insured to handle your day. For Décor Services, you are welcome to suggest vendors however their inclusion is the at the sole discretion of Glorious Galas. Design services are very dependent upon vision, venue and budget and we only work with vendors that have a similar vision for your event.
  • My family member wants to help with décor—can they?
    While we appreciate our families, we want them to enjoy the beauty of the day without worrying about the mechanics of the day.
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