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Creating Moments and Memories in the Metropolitan Detroit Area

Who Am I?

I am your Memory Maker!

Hello!! My name is Jennifer and I am your Memory Maker! A lifelong infatuation with old Hollywood wedding dresses led to a lifelong desire to entertain people, which led to a passion uncovered with the first surprise party I’ve ever thrown over 23 years ago. Each of those small moments created one giant moment when the proverbial light bulb went off over my head and I walked into the passion that has been calling me all these years.


Some people love the lights and flashes, I prefer the sighs and smiles. The rush that comes over me as a bride squeals with excitement at her room reveal or a groom sheds a tear at the sight of his new wife walking towards him; the laughter that explodes after you yell “Surprise” to the overflow of joy at the newest arrivals gender reveal. Glorious Galas doesn’t just specialize in events….we make Moments & Memories.

Event Management Services

Event Management Services include all aspects related to the planning and execution of those plans.  It ranges from venue and vendor searches, contract review, timeline creation, vendor management and event management.   These services can be combined with Décor Services to create a comprehensive event management team. 

Décor Services

Décor Services relates to the aesthetics of your event.  It includes all visuals for your event and encompasses the entire experience for your guests.  Items such as charger plates, linens, centerpieces and backdrops are part of décor services.  These services can be combined with Event Management Services to create a comprehensive event management team. 

Let's Make Memories
From Weddings to Surprises

+ Clients Love

Jennifer Troy of Glorious Galas and her team planned our 20th Class Reunion. The entire weekend was superb!!! This was one of the most fun and memorable events that ever attended.

Toria G.

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